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Alaska – the last frontier.  The place I fell in love with when the wheels of my plane finally touched down after circling the airport for 30 minutes waiting for a momma bear and her two cubs to finish playing on the runway at Ketchikan International Airport.  I knew I was home and never looked back.


It’s the place I met and fell in love with my husband, it’s the place we brought our new baby home to and it’s the place I fell more in love with Jesus than I ever had before.


Life was good, in fact, it was perfect!  We worked hard, we enjoyed the beauty of our surroundings and we were grateful to the One who provided all our sweet blessings.  Especially, the blessing of a little China Doll to call our own who arrived via jet in March of 1983. 


Jon owned and operated mills and traveled around the world.  I joined him on occasion and otherwise immersed myself in motherhood, work and serving in my church. 


About the time our little bundle of joy arrived we got some sobering news. Jon was diagnosed with a terminal, hereditary disease.  For years he took treatments (much like chemotherapy) to try and slow the progress of the disease and when that didn’t work he was put on the transplant list.  In June of 1995 he received a life-saving lung transplant and while he was only expected to have 3-5 more years, God worked a miracle and gave us almost 19 more years. 


With the possibility of losing Jon always in view, we embraced the time God gave us and were grateful for every moment.  We made memories, lots of them, beautiful memories he left as a legacy to last me the rest of my life time. 


And while we always knew death was nearer than we wanted to admit, it somehow snuck up on us. There are no words to describe the havoc death reaps…  But, somehow, even in the depth of my grief, the Lord was able to shift my gaze from my own pain to those who were trying to reach out, but didn’t know how. I began to see the simplest things were what made the biggest difference in my journey and if I could share that it could change everything – for those grieving and those who want to reach out but don’t know how.


Doing whatever it is that God created you to do, is enough – in fact, it is more than enough!  Take Heart Ministry is the result of what God is revealing to me in my journey of grief and my heart’s passion is to share this simple life changing truth to our churches.


The smell of homemade bread baking, and a heaping bowl of popcorn in my hands, while I snuggle with my puppies and a good book are some of the joys that I am grateful for.  But what really brings joy to my heart are the giggles of my 3 darling grandchildren, the love of my daughter and son-in-law and getting ready for that great reunion day I can hardly wait for.  Jesus first and then Jon!  What a day that will be.  I am forever grateful for God’s grace and His unfailing love and I choose to embrace the hope and promise of Eternity.  It’s my prayer that you will meet me there…

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