Julie Russell

My happy place is sitting by a rippling stream on a sunny Sabbath afternoon with my toes dipping in and out of the water, warm breezes ruffling my hair, and dragonflies and water skippers darting around.  It might also involve a lemon dessert or warm chocolate chip cookies and a glass of milk.  Quiet time is often spent working with my rescue “skittery” kitty "Boo" to build her trust in me and the world around her. I also like reading from the Clear Word Bible, imagining myself as a curious and interested bystander as Jesus interacts with different Bible characters.


Life is full of surprises and one of them lead to a very painful experience. One day when I returned home from work I found a note stating my husband had left me. After 26 years of marriage, I suddenly found myself alone, paralyzed with fear for the future. What would I do now? After spending too much time in self pity, I found peace in surrendering to Jesus.  Philippians 4:19 has been a powerful text of strength for me, “And my God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.”


Having gone through divorce myself and feeling overwhelmed and unsure where and how to start over, I want other women to have helpful resources readily available as they begin their own journeys.  As part of the Take Heart Ministry team, I have the privilege of offering support to women as they find their way through the after-divorce maze.


After my husband left, I dreamed one night about a scene where written over and over on an endless ribbon were these words, “He's taken care of me in the past...He's taking care of me now, and... He'll take care of me in the future."  With that picture comes the beautiful reminder that Jesus is with me and will care for me every day of my life. I don't have to know how He's going to do it, it's enough to know He has promised He will...and Jesus always keeps His promises.

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